"It's like I get one person for two or three weeks, and then that last week, I get a completely different person. My notes for the past three months literally say 'hopeful' for two weeks, then hopeless and depressed for the last week or two of the month. I can't officially diagnose you, but I think you have PMDD" she said with confidence.

If Anxiety and Depression Had a Baby….

That baby would be me.  Yup, I'd be the love child-- or hate child-- (cause let's be honest anxiety and depression suck a whole lot) of the above couple. Depression and anxiety (along with it's occasional tumultuous third lover, self injury) have been on and off for the past seventeen years. I've gone through periods of time where I've had a break from this trio of mental illness, but like  as any nagging parent, anxiety and depression come barging in when they are the most unwanted and unwelcome.

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