Free Printables!

Free Printables

The purpose of this page is provide beautiful, inspiring, and effective worksheets for anyone who is working through anxiety or depression, needs a little extra help, or simply wants to find a way to be more mindful in their lives. I really hope you enjoy each of these downloads below!


If you’re anything like me, I need constant reminders to stay on top of everything in my life. I write a lot of lists, notes, etc. and place them where I know I’ll see them. For me, it’s important to not only write out things like “Call Mom” or “Pay Credit Card”,  but I also need to make sure I am reminding myself to do the things that are going to be beneficial to my overall health and wellness. One of the things I loved so much about being in treatment was all of the visual aids we received. Having tangible reminders to check in on my moods, anxiety level etc. is a really effective way to make sure I’m being mindful when it comes to my mental state. My goal of the free printables on the site is to help others be able to use these when they need them, but to also create things that are beautiful and inspiring! I hope you enjoy!! To get this beautiful self love sunflower, click the link below! Make sure you post your pictures of where you hang this as a reminder for yourself!

Sunflower Self Love

Download self love


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