Letting Go of Control…Or Trying…

I have some serious control issues. This is no shocking revelation to me. I’ve been pyscho analyzed on the subject multiple times by multiple therapists and basically it boils down to a reasons.   Childhood Experiences: I can’t say I grew up in a calm household. My father was an alcoholic and an addict, and... Continue Reading →

Living Fearless

In a lot of ways, my life has improved immensely after being diagnosed with PMDD and going through treatment. Prior to that, I think I spent the majority of my days being terrified of everything. I was afraid to go to work because what if I had a melt down? What if I started crying... Continue Reading →

Alien Invasion

I'm nine days out from my period, and all of a sudden something in me changed. I know that if I described this feeling to anyone else, the majority of the population for instance, no one would have any clue what I was taking about. But it's a very simple thing when I take a... Continue Reading →

Am I Cured Yet?

If you were to ask someone close to me, like my wife, where I was three months ago compared to where I am today, I’m confident she would tell you without a shred of doubt that I am leaps and bounds better than I was.  If I look at the facts, if I look at... Continue Reading →

Shhh…The Neighbors Might Hear

When I was a kid, anytime I said something “inappropriate”, gossiped, or basically just said something my mother felt we shouldn’t be talking about, she would always hush me and say with a whisper “Shh…the neighbors will hear..” or something to that effect. We could literally be in our living room with the doors and... Continue Reading →

Med Madness

For years I refused to take medication. Mostly, I think my apprehension stems from watching my mother's relationship with medication. She was diagnosed with bi-polar after a suicide attempt and has been on a cocktail of medication. What I think scared me the most was the fact that I can always tell when she doesn't... Continue Reading →

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